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ALLY® is an innovative community based support service for people experiencing the loss of their pet/animal. Loss could be due to sudden death, euthanasia, illness, change of circumstances resulting in the companion animal having to be reluctantly given up or if the animal has become lost, is stolen or suffered a traumatic experience.

ALLY® offers training for people who would like to help deliver this unique service throughout the UK.

ALLY® Supporters may be based at veterinary practices, animal rescue centres, animal care organisations, schools/colleges, community health/support agencies and charities that have membership with us.

If you would like to become a Supporter please contact us now.

“...a life does not have to
be human to be great...”
Michael Parfitt

Training Course Testimonials...

I am very proud to be part of a veterinary practice that can offer the much needed and valued additional service of ALLY®. As an experienced veterinary nurse I felt I already had the knowledge and skills to help clients through the difficult time, surrounding the loss of a beloved pet. However, with the extensive and in depth training I received from ALLY®, I have developed a much greater understanding of grief and the difficulties that pet owners are faced with at the time of the loss of their pet. I am now far better equipped to help them through their individual grieving process.

I now firmly believe that by thoroughly preparing pet owners for the loss of their pet, whether imminent or not, helps their grieving process be less traumatic and potentially complicated. As a result of this support, they can move more easily through the stages of their grief and adjust to their loss more peacefully.

The invaluable skills that I have developed through becoming an ALLY® Supporter are used daily in my role as a veterinary nurse at Rosemullion Veterinary Practice. Clients are reassured to have members of staff trained in pet loss, and for us to be able to offer this additional support based entirely around the client's needs, makes us stand out from other veterinary practices, in the area, who do not provide this service.

I thoroughly recommend the ALLY® training course 'Supporting People in the Community Experiencing Pet Loss.

Rachael Malone RVN - Rosemullion Veterinary Practice, Helston

The trainers were knowledgeable and presented the course sessions in such a way that I feel I have learnt more (and retained more) than any other training I have done.

L. M - Social Worker Cornwall

Our practice has embraced the support we've received from ALLY®. This has enabled us to offer the complete caring service that our clients and their pets deserve. I would recommend ALLY® to all veterinary practices.


Emma Campbell BM&S MRCVS - Vets 4 Pets, Falmouth

The tutors were very clear, empathic and knowledgeable…

Before training as an ALLY® Supporter I use to feel frustrated that my skills were not being used fully and in a proactive way. I am now so much happier in my job as I know I am making a difference. Being there to acknowledge and support someone losing a much loved pet can have a huge impact on the person's recovery. Now instead of watching as a sad owner leaves the premises, I walk beside them, leaving them with a kind word and the knowledge that someone is there to support them in the future if needed.


W.B - Veterinary Receptionist - Vets 4 Pets, Falmouth

The course was very clear and opened up your mind to the importance of supporting people in the community who have experienced loss…..The fact that we, as a rescue centre, can offer this as a service to the local community is a great opportunity to not only be able to reach out and help others, but also build community relationships up now and in the future.


Louise Clarke, Manager - National Animal Welfare Trust

The course was excellent.


L. C - National Animal Welfare Trust

The course provided comprehensive training which was well prepared, well presented and complimented by excellent professional speakers.


J. S - Health Care Manager

I have been on a few courses and unlike the others this one exceeded my expectations… I now feel because of ALLY®, I have something valuable to offer to those who have lost pets, whatever the circumstances. THANKYOU.


T.T - Veterinary receptionist

The course was enjoyable despite the serious nature. The pace was very good and allowed ample time for feedback and review.


D.C - Befriender/volunteer PVB