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Do you want to find out about levels of training and how to become an ALLY® Supporter?

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What is an ALLY® Supporter?

ALLY® supporters have completed the ALLY® accredited experiential training course (AptEd Awards) and implement the service within their centre or organisation.

How will ALLY® Supporters provide this service?

By an initial consultation at the appropriate location within your organisation e.g. veterinary practice, rescue centre, etc, to discuss the support pet owners need. Some telephone contact and possible follow up consultations may also be required. This service will continue until the owner feels they have adjusted sufficiently to cope with their loss.

Whilst acknowledging that grief is a normal process and by enabling people to work through their loss, the ALLY® Supporter will serve to alleviate the potential consequences of unresolved/ complicated grief, decrease chances of depression developing and identify those owners more at risk e.g. the elderly, the homeless and those living alone, those suffering from other health and or/mental health related problems.

ALLY ® is not a counselling service or counselling training.

Should the owner require further support or professional bereavement counselling, the ALLY® supporter will, if required, help to facilitate referrals to clinical commissioning groups - forming a unique alliance between veterinary practices, animal rescue centres, etc. and other external health and support agencies. This will hopefully prevent people from 'falling through the net', which can often compromise their physical and mental health.

Training Courses and Information

ALLY® courses are accredited by AptEd awards are level 2 with 4 credits.

ALLY® courses are delivered over either:

  • 4 sessions occurring on 1 day per week for 4 consecutive weeks
  • 2 consecutive days for 2 consecutive weeks

The group size for each course is usually a maximum of ten as this provides an opportunity to encourage individual participation within a safe environment. There are always two trainers present in each session.

Details of forthcoming courses throughout the UK are available on request.

Eligibility Criteria for trainees
  • Recent approval from DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service).
  • Can demonstrate good levels of numeracy and literacy - ability to apply knowledge and skills in working practice.
  • Has relevant care-related experience in a paid or voluntary capacity with residents, community groups or animal related care.
  • Can demonstrates the importance of maintaining professional boundaries and safe working practice.
  • Understands the importance of confidentiality.
Benefits of training as an ALLY® Supporter
  • Being part of a unique community service that will ultimately help support people experiencing pet loss.
  • An invaluable professional and personal development opportunity.
  • The potential to work in a dual professional role which will provide variety.
  • Enhanced job satisfaction within the work place.
  • Will receive ongoing support as a registered ALLY® supporter e.g. group supervision and meetings to evaluate and debrief.
On successful completion of training ALLY® Supporters must
  • Have up to date Public Liability and Professional Indemnity Insurance within their workplace.
  • Be registered with ALLY® to deliver this support service.
  • Investment in registration and membership ensure that the quality standard of support delivered following training is consistent with the ALLY ® ethos to provide an outstanding service within the organisation.
  • Quarterly ALLY® Supporter meetings –allows regular review and evaluation to help supporters maintain the above standards.
  • The use of the ALLY® brand (includes the logo, leaflets, displays, resource folders, training material) is included in the membership.